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I haven't posted in almost a year?!

So much for trying to stay consistent with this blog. I completely failed this New Years Resolution, haha.

Hello all!

I know I haven't been posting much on twitter (and definitely not here). Although that doesn't mean I haven't done anything in the past year.

So if we start from March, the beginning of the pandemic in the USA, I began to work remotely. This was great for my dog, and great for my car's mileage due to not having to commute anymore, but it was noooot good for game development. Before COVID19, my routine was usually

1) Go to work

2) Drive hoooome from work.

3) Walk my dog

4) Eat dinner/chat with my loved ones

5) Around 8PM-9PM or so, start to work on Pure for the rest of the night.

This routine worked well for me in a few ways - although it was detrimental in others. Once I'm in the zone and don't have any reason to move, I get sucked in. Which ended up with me working a bunch in my day job and other obligations. I didn't really have the energy to game dev after being at the same desk all day.

Maybe around May or June, I finally felt like developing again.

I'm trying to work within my means and not get sucked in. It just wears me out if I do that. There's another word for that, but I can't think of it right now, because I actually got sucked in again today. Taking breaks is really important. It's a lesson I have to teach myself again and again.

So, back to Pure. What have I worked on this year?

Let's start with some major things.

A redesign of the main character, Abner. A photo model next to a drawing of him.

I redesigned Abner! ..and have to fix his model in the image because woah, those mismatched shoulders!

So when I first started Pure 2.0(the Unity version), I hated how my ideas for Abner translated into 3D. He did not look like a protagonist to me. In fact, I hated his design so much, I was going to just delete him from the story and replace him with another character. Then I started to like his fighting style and play-tested him more and thought I can't delete him. Let's make him a ~bishounen~ instead!

So now we have Abner 2.0 for the past 5 months. It's made doing things with him a lot easier. Such as alternative outfits!

More beach and hot spring outfits! I have to say it's much easier to make an outfit for a character when you actually like their design. He's much easier for me to draw now as well. I'm gonna do his winter outfit probably this month and I'm super excited. Can't wait to have a full party full of winter clothing.

I'm about 90% done with the first and second dungeon, and have completely revamped the fire temple. First cutscene is done besides some touch ups that need to be done, and tutorials in the first dungeon for some gameplay mechanics are in place.

Just a screenshot of new areas in the water dungeon along with ~swimming~! I like to leave certain mechanics to a different party member per dungeon.

In the second screenshot, while the rest of the party waits, Adamina swims across bodies of water to help solve puzzles. Something else I decided to do was add character images to certain interactions. I realized it's much

easier to approach an interaction that only a certain character can do and switch right to them once you see that visual.

Those who played may remember that in this area, you had to switch to Adamina to cut down vines. People tended to cycle through the characters and test pressing the button to see who was the right character, so the character image with the action should help.

If you've played Pure at expos, you may recognize that bottom room as the entrance to the fire temple. Now with cool new tiles and a story related NPC that follows you throughout the dungeon! There's two paths of the fire dungeon that you can take towards the boss room. I'm hoping I can continue to make something cool with that. So far, almost one half of the dungeon is done. It's actually what I'll be working on next as it is Dungeon #3!

Some other changes:

  • I don't have a video of this, but I did add some footstep noises. (Thanks Footstepper on the Asset store!)

  • I completed more towns and added NPCs to them. Interiors too.

  • I added an airship (it's still a WIP)

  • There's more, but it's 8AM, I've been trying to write this post since last night, and I'm losing my train of thought haha.

I can say the changes certainly make the world feel more alive.

With all this being said, I won't think of a release time frame anymore - until I am almost done with the last dungeon. Thanks to everybody who supported me up until now. I hope Pure ends up being an enjoyable experience whenever I do release!