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My First Dev Log? 6/25/2019

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I don't have too much to write today, as I just set up this website and blog for the first time. I'll start with introducing myself!

My name is Bria. I'm a biracial software engineer who really likes Sailor Moon and JRPGs. I like making video games, and Pure is my first 3D video game (or second, if you count this one awkward game jam I did a few years ago). I work on the level design, programming, some 3D houses and objects, and all of the 3D human characters! I'm also dabbling into 2D art (bless Clip Studio Paint!)

My sister Kara does the music. Kara loves video games more than anything, but she also loves animals, reading, and music, of course!

So what am I working on this week?

I started a cave for our water dungeon maybe 2 weeks ago now. I'm considering putting it in my first downloadable demo with a choice of the Fire Dungeon or this one.

Abner, Adamina, and Camille walking through a cave
A WIP of a cave!

I'm also working on different facial expressions for characters.

Adamina has an annoyed look on her face

Adamina is my poster test child, as she was the first model I made, so you'll see a lot of development posts involving her.

More importantly, I'm trying to flesh out the battle system.

Right now, Pure plays more like a hack and slash when I want it to be more...crisp? Like an action rpg. Or even something that plays like Star Ocean 3.

I'm trying out X Weapon Trail (https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/particles-effects/x-weapontrail-20972) on Adamina in battle, but I'm having some difficulties with it. Either way, the effect is looking nice.

Adamina using sword which is followed by a particle trail
Look at that weapon trail!

I'm hoping to make more fluid combos for each character individually and then move on to making better battle AI's. After that, it's prettying up the UI and the basic game loop is finally complete.

I suppose this ends the 6/25 devlog. I'll do my best to post my progress consistently each week.

Thanks for reading!